No Win No Fee Solicitors Work on Your Behalf

The no win no fee model that certain solicitors use is of great advantage to their clients. If you have been the victim of an accident, and through no fault of your own have suffered a physical or mental injury, or have sustained property damage, you might have exactly the type of case that is entirely suitable for the no win no fee solicitor.

These solicitors typically earn their fees not from their clients. Depending on the specifics of the individual case, what often occurs when no win no fee solicitors win their case is that they are paid their fee, plus a success fee for winning, by the losing party’s insurance. This means that you as a client, even if you have no money upfront, do not need any funds whatsoever in order to procure the outstanding services of a no win no fee solicitor. If, on the other hand, the no win no fee solicitor does not win the case, then he or she receives no payment; you do not have to pay anything if the case is lost. This also means that you do not pay your no win no fee solicitor any money whatsoever; you get to keep the entire monetary award given to you in a court of law, which is of great benefit to the client.

Because no win no fee solicitors UK only receive payment when they win a claim, they are understandably selective in the types of cases that they will represent in court. Generally speaking, if the personal injury claim occurred through no fault of your own, then it may very well qualify as a case that would benefit both you and no win no fee solicitors. The best practice is to contact a no win no fee agency and speak to a solicitor directly. He or she will listen to your claim, and then let you know what your chances of success might be in a court of law.

The no win no fee solicitor will ask you several questions about the claim, and will also ask you for any paperwork you might have regarding the case, which could include police reports and medical records and bills. After preparing, the solicitor will first attempt to settle the claim with the other party out of court; if this does not work, then he or she will represent you in court. Contact no win no fee solicitors today to find out more.

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