The Legal Implications of Violent Crimes

If you have been accused of a crime, the entire process can be very scary and overwhelming. Understanding the legal part of the situation can often be very difficult and a lot of people make a few small mistakes that could lead to huge consequences. It is important that you are aware of your basic rights and you get someone to represent you so that you are not punished wrongly.

What are Violent Crimes?

Depending on state rules, the definition of a violent crime may differ a little. But basically they are crimes like battery, assault, domestic violence, etc. which are considered to be extremely dangerous to society. Robbery and arson are also often clubbed in this category. Even though homicide is usually considered to be in a different category of law, manslaughter also usually falls under the category of violent crimes.

Kinds of Violent Crimes

There are three basic ways of categorizing crimes of a serious nature: those causing harm against another person, those of a sexual nature and those against any kind of property. Even though offences against property usually fall under a different branch of law, serious offences like arson may be tried under this category.

Rape and sexual assault are considered as very serious crimes committed against an individual. Assault and battery are the two most common forms of crime that cause harm to another person. While assault is an act that will cause another to fear bodily harm, battery is when there is actual physical contact with the person. These two terms are often used together and both can also be considered as aggravated assault or battery when the threat is extremely offensive or against a public figure. For example, the use of a deadly weapon to threaten a person or assaulting a police officer would be taken as aggravated assault.

The Need for a Good Attorney

It can often be confusing and difficult to understand the legal implications of a violent crime. Those accused may not be aware of their rights and the defenses that could be available to them. For instance, if you committed a crime but it was only because you were trying to protect yourself or another person, you could just be able to fight a very strong case and have it dismissed. Many good attorneys will also help you build your case so that your punishment is reduced. Hiring a good criminal defense attorney could make a huge difference to your freedom.

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